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ALTANKS supplies a comprehensive range of maintenance services. Altanks has become a market leader in the tank building, maintenance & tank inspections field. The following fields can be assessed, manufactured & maintained by Altanks.

Tank Liners

ALTANKS can supply and install internal PVC tank liners. Weather you have panel, high rise or existing tank liner needs, we can supply you a fully installed internal tank liner across the board.

Tank Liners

Replacement Liner at Brisbane Airport

Internal / External Tank Inspections for Your Code Requirements

With the newest underwater technology, we can take away all of the associated risks with confined space. As current AS1851-2012 regulations require you to enter the tank for code fulfilment, we can assess & inspect your tank internally without having people entering the tank. As safety in the workplace is always a major concern, we can fulfil your requirements with minimum risk.

Robotic Underwater Cleaner

From a business perspective, your costs are considerably lowered (up to one third) as they would have been through other expensive measures. Achieve your requirements. Book your inspection today.

ALTANKS Maintenance Services

 ALTANKS is a competent entity to be engaged by the contractor to conduct underwater ROV inspections as per table 5.4.3 of AS1851-2012. The tank inspection results will form part of the maintenance report or certification issued by the licensed hydrant or sprinkler contractor under the mandatory requirements of AS1851-2012.

Tank Signage

Fire water storage tanks require appropriate signage. As per AS2304-2011, tanks must comply with several measures.

The following signage as per AS2304-2011 can be supplied & installed:

  • Effective capacity (Litres).
  • Tank purpose – Sprinkler, Hydrant or a combination of Hydrant and Sprinkler.
  • Water not for drinking.
  • Full, half and empty signage for level indicators.
  • All signage is written to the correct colour codes and measurements.

Internal Tank Fittings

ALTANKS has the capabilities to manufacture, supply and install all internal fittings. If you are currently looking for a new tank build from us or you need internal fittings replaced, we can assist you in your internal tank fitting needs. 

Tank Level Indicators

We can manufacture, supply and install your tank level indicators. If you have a high rise tank, panel tank or existing needs for replacement, please feel free to ask on how we can help you.

Non Obtrusive Tank Cleans

As you would be aware, AS1851-2012 requires you to drain & clean your fire tank at 12 months & at 10 years. In many instances, some tanks need thorough cleaning well before these dates. As this sometimes is commonly overlooked, it can have devastating effects on your tank.

Keeping your water tank in pristine condition allows the tank to operate for its designated purpose.

Altanks state of the art robotic tank cleaning equipment allows you to get your fire tanks cleaned with the following benefits:

  • Minimal water loss.
  • The tank can remain online for the duration of the tank clean.
  • No isolations or impairment notices required by yourself!

This supplies yourself & your client very low safety issues whilst preserving the precious water supply. As time & money are always at the forefront of business, this is the only solution you need to acquire your tank cleaning needs.

This is gauged from your requirement of having to take a sludge level measurement annually as per AS1851-2012 TABLE 5.4.3 YEARLY SERVICE SCHEDULE FOR WATER STORAGE TANKS.

Altanks can supply you with a non-obtrusive cleaning method in which your tank does not need to be drained. Your tank remains on line the whole time.

As draining of a water tank can cause you many potential issues, you will achieve your tank clean whilst losing minimal water.

The old method of cleaning was to notify the relevant authorities, your client, insurance companies & the likes. If that was not enough trouble, then you had a fire tank which is offline & unable to be called upon in the event of a fire.

Non Obtrusive Tank Cleans

Internal & External Tank Ladder Systems

We can manufacture, supply & install all of your tank ladder needs. Weather it may be a new ladder system (internal or external) or a full replacement due to age, ask how we can help.

Tank inspection

Non Obtrusive Tank Cleans

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ALTANKS new ROV SYSTEMS allows inspection internally by our remotely operated underwater vehicle, which will video and photograph the underwater condition of your tank with no disruption to your water supply.

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Our tanks come with a certification of compliance and are designed for durability in the most severe climatic conditions.