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Combining the amount of differential water sources and requirements in the water storage industry, Altanks will accept and asses all applications to assist you with all your water storage, fire systems, waste-water treatment and mining requirements.

With the Experience and Knowledge Altanks obtain, we are able to acknowledge all size and space restrictions that you may have. Altanks designers and engineers can ensure to advise on the most effective solution for your application.

Bunnings West Gosford fire storage tank

Project: Bunnings Warehouse, Narellen
Range: Fire Storage AT RT 10.6
Size: 7321mm Dia x 6950mm High
Capacity: 226,000L Effective Capacity
Finish: Powder Coating ‘Cottage Green’

Lake Bolac tank

Project: Lake Bolac Victoria
Range: Water Storage AT RT 21.5
Size: 13,910mm x 5,800mm and 15,374mm x 5,800mm
Capacity: 1ML
Finish: Colourbond – Paperbark

Water Ttreatment Tank

Project: Fitzgibbon, Queensland
Range: AT RT 19.5
Size: 13910 X 5800
Capacity: 820KL
Finish: Galvanized

Project: Pilbara Region, W.A
Range: Water Storage – 4 x AT RT 14.2, 2 x AT RT 6.2  and 1 x AT RT 12.2
Size: 10,250mm Dia x 2,350mm High, 4,393mm Dia x 2,350 High and 8,785mm Dia x 2,350mm High
Capacity: 150,000L Effective Capacity, 25,000L Effective Capacity and 100,000L Effective Capacity
Finish: Galvanized

Project: Brisbane City, Queensland
Range: Grey Water Storage AT TT
Size: 7×1.5 x 3mt High
Capacity: 72KL
Finish: Galvanized

Bungil Road tank

Project: Gold Coast Hinterland
Range: Water Storage AT RT 15.5
Size: 0982mm Dia x 5800mm High
Capacity: 500,000L Effective Capacity
Finish: Galvanized

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As one of the largest companies in the industry our superior design range can service all applications providing a diverse range of Industrial & Commercial water storage tanks.

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Our tanks come with a certification of compliance and are designed for durability in the most severe climatic conditions.